Coming Soon: STORY THIEF 偷故事的人 by aMEI 張惠妹


After disappearing from social media for a couple of days, Taiwanese diva, aMEI 張惠妹 has re-emerged with a trailer for her new album, STORY THIEF 偷故事的人.

The concept for the album only came about when she heard the demo of the title track by Eve Ai 艾怡良, which questions the true author behind the songs she sing – are those truly her songs, or stories of her those listening to her? The paradox is certainly very intriguing, and we can only wait to see how this is “resolved”.

張惠妹  偷故事的人.jpg

The new album will see aMEI working with graphic designer, 王志弘, and photographer, Wing Shya. Apparently the packaging for the album will be quite interesting too.

Anyway, STORY THIEF 偷故事的人 will be available for pre-order from 22 November, and will be released on 12 December!



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