Dear Paranoia 親愛的偏執狂 by Andrew Tan 陳勢安


Just when you thought another good voice in mandopop is going to disappear to obscurity, he comes back with a new album! Andrew Tan 陳勢安 has had a few hits in the past, but has not really received as much recognition compared to his other compatriots. Hopefully things will get better with Warner Music. His third album (his first with Warner Music), Dear Paranoia 親愛的偏執狂, was recently released, and has been doing quite well on the charts I would say.

The album opens with the first single, “Blue Love Theme 好愛好散”, a ballad that allows him to re-introduce himself as one of the leading male singers. It then transits to “Internecine 俱傷”, probably the most current-sounding track on the album with its production, and links quite nicely to the next track “Loser 敗將”, the second single off the album.

Generally, the record plays to his strengths in delivering slow ballads, though there are some mid-tempo songs like “Hot Love 夏戀”, and the pop-rock tinged “Paranoia 偏執狂”. Andrew is rather cautious in his vocal delivery, which is great on songs like “Hey Darling  嘿親愛的”. However, he could be overly cautious sometimes, and it feels like you want him to let loose a bit more, such as on “Hot Love 夏戀”.

I really hope this album is a sign of more and better things to come from Andrew, a much needed voice in this time where singer-songwriters are given more attention. So much so that we tend to forget good singers are hard to come by.

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