Happy New (Y)Ear!

Happy New Year everyone!


What better to usher in the New Year than with a new pair of headphones! After about 6 months of deliberation and trying out of various headphones, I finally got my new pair – Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6! And yes I got the Special Edition Agave Green one! What I like about the headphones is that it gives a very crisp and balanced sound, unlike most on the market that caters to bass-lovers, and I really like the fact that I could pick out the details in each piece of music, whether good or bad.

That said, I was quite close to buying the Sennheisser Momentum Over-the-Ear headphones though, because it is cheaper, and has a warmer sound than the H6, but it does not give as much detail as the H6 (and I also do not quite like the design).

Time to scrutinise more music for the New Year!

5 thoughts on “Happy New (Y)Ear!

      1. No, have never tried them on. Just realised I said “they are not on my list to purchase” – what I meant was “they are on my list” – stupid iPhone. I’ve had the a8’s for years and love them! Now I think I want an indoorsy type pair as well.

      2. I still use the Blackberry… Anyway, I have the A8 as well (my first pair of earphones!), though I use them mainly on the go. Anyway, I really like the crisp sound that the H6 gives, and of course the design and comfort among other things. You should probably head down to one of the stores and try them on.

      3. I think I’d probably just buy them without trying them haha. I know they will be good. That’s what I done with my Beoplay a3 and Beoplay a8

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