10 Favourite Tracks of 2013

Well it is about that time of the year where people and magazine start listing their favourites or top choices for the year. So here are my 10 favourite tracks of the year.

1) The Art of Letting Go, by Mariah Carey (single)

I think any song or work by Mariah Carey will always be one of my favourites at any time, and I felt that this particular song really stood out in this time when (pop) music is becoming less organic, and over-produced.

2) Home, by Melinda Dolittle (from her EP ‘You’re the Reason’)

There is no doubt Melinda Doolittle is one of the best singers to come out of American Idol, but I personally think she is easily one of the best singers in the industry as well. Just listen to her cover of “Home” from The Wiz.

3) Same Love, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (from ‘The Heist’)

This Grammy-nominated song (for Best Song of the Year) is probably one of the more meaningful songs of the entire year, though the album it was from, ‘The Heist’, was released last year.

4) All of Me, by John Legend (from ‘Love in the Future’)

John Legend is always in his element at the piano, and this heartfelt ballad clearly shows it. And he clearly is deeply in love.

5) Counting Stars, by OneRepublic (from ‘Native’)

When I think of OneRepublic, I always think of their overplayed hit “Apologize”. Thank goodness they came up with ‘Counting Stars’, a song that is not only catchy, but has a great message as well.

6) By the Grace of God, by Katy Perry (from ‘PRISM’)

I could not really decide which one I liked more from Katy Perry this year – this or “Unconditionally” – but I chose this in the end because I thought it had a greater message of faith.

7) Side Effects of You, by Fantasia

I have not heard such vulnerability from Fantasia previously, but on this track (co-written by Emeli Sandé), she lets her guard down and emotions flow. This, I believe, is one of the best vocal performances from her ever.

8) Work B***h, by Britney Spears (from ‘Britney Jean’)

Great video, great song.

9) Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke, featuring T.I. & Pharell (from ‘Blurred Lines’)

Robin Thicke has come quite a long way, and I am glad he has achieved what he did this year, after so much years of hardwork. This song is even in the running for Record of the Year at the 2014 Grammys.

10) New Slaves, by Kanye West (from Yeezus)

I do not quite exactly know why I like this song though, but somehow it got stuck in my brain.

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