Stefanie Sun’s New Concert Tour – Kepler 克卜勒


I happened to stumble upon the new trailer for Stefanie Sun’s latest concert tour which due to start next year in 2014. Titled Kepler, or 克卜勒. it sort of hints of a rather philosophical approach. All I can remember about Kepler from Physics class was that there were 3 laws of his regarding planetary motion. Maybe the approach of the concert has to do with revolution around a central core or something, or about always returning to the beginning?

Anyway, I think what sets her apart from her peers is probably her ability to not just do music, but also bring in elements traditionally from the non-music realm into her music, which I find quite exciting. It is quite interesting to see her film the trailer in an area that was similar to the place where she did her first music video, 天黑黑. Apparently the original place no longer exists.

The tour begins on 14th/ 15th February 2014 at the Taipei Arena. Tickets are on sale from 8th November 2013. Her new album is slated for an end-of-year release.

One thought on “Stefanie Sun’s New Concert Tour – Kepler 克卜勒

  1. 品 Prestige一周年封面人物: 孫燕姿 Sun Yan Zi
    Photographed by Wee Khim
    Fashion Director: Johnny Khoo

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