Some random thoughts of The Voice Season 4

As much as I do love Mariah Carey, I cannot help but be drawn more to The Voice. The thing is, when I “watched” these shows, I usually am doing my work at the same time. So in actual fact, everything that I do watch is somewhat like how The Voice is like, in the sense that I do not really watch the performances, but only just listen. I think the Voice draws me not only because it seems like the contestants have better vocals, but I feel that there is more positive energy on the show compared to similar ones like The X Factor, and American Idol, right from the auditions. For the other shows, I feel like I have to really sit down and watch them. (Maybe because the other shows are looking for the whole package, while The Voice is looking for real singers?) Also, it seems that The Voice gives a greater group of people a chance to live their dreams. That said, I do hope that there are more performances for the contestants on The Voice.

Anyway, one contestant that I really liked from the audition rounds is Sasha Allen. She’s quite the veteran already, having sung backup for so many artistes, but she definitely does deserve to shine on her own.

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