About Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj

Once in a while I listen to a bit of rap music, and what really caught my ear this time was this particular song called “Beez in the Trap” by Nicki Minaj,. I have heard of Nicki Minaj previously, mainly because of her collaboration with Mariah Carey and her huge hit “Super Bass”. Even though I have read many great things about her, I was still rather apprehensive about getting her albums. “Beez in the Trap”  really stood out for me because of the “accompaniment”, which sort of sounds like a combination of bubbles popping and ping pong balls. And of course, after hearing that a couple of times, and searching for some of her music online, I finally decided to get the album.

The album is seems to be split into 2: the first half deals more with hip hop, while the second half more into dance music, which has become ubiquitous these days. For me, I enjoy the first half more for some reason, maybe because it is more intriguing, but I have to say the second half is actually more catchy. Another track that stood out was “Stupid Hoe”.

Although half the time (or most of the time rather) I have no idea what she is rapping about, it is just very interesting to hear her music.  As with most rap and hip hop music, there is of course a lot of strong language involved, which can be quite irritating. Nevertheless, after hearing the entire album, I have to say that she is really talented, and she knows her art well enough to play around with it.

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