Review: If You See Him, Tanya Chua

I always look forward to Tanya’s album, even more so since it was 2 years since her last studio album, “Goodbye & Hello”, which won her Best Album Producer and Best Female Vocalist at the 19th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Although her music has become some what predictable these days, I think she has definitely created a Tanya-style that was quite absent when she first started out. And to produce consistently good music is definitely one of her strengths!


Now onto the music. Most of the songs are written by herself, others are written with acclaimed lyricist Xiao Han (who penned the lyrics for Darwin on her previous release). Those written with Xiao Han are rather interesting, namely “Wheel of Fortune”, “Projectile”, and “Free Fall”, which are trying to draw links to science topics in a way. “Projectile” is especially my favourite currently for this album, not only because it is lyrically interesting, but also it reminds me of “Blank Spaces”, a song from Goodbye & Hello.

Another worth listening to song is the first single off the album, “Who”. It has a very familiar feel to it, and probably the easiest on the ear on first listen, and one that most can identify with. Another crowd pleaser would have to be “If You See Him”, which happens to be the Chinese Theme song for the movie, “Yang Yang”.

Something interesting would be “Men”, which has this lounge-feel to it, though it’s not really one of my favourites. The album ends off with “Only Love”, which I kind of like.

It’s interesting how she writes about being quite vulnerable despite putting on a strong front, which is quite a recurrent topic in her songs, for instance, in “Who”.

Overall, I would think it’s a great album, though personally I would prefer Goodbye & Hello at the moment. I just feel a certain something is lacking, but it still deserves at least a 4-star out of 5 rating! Anyway, I do hope that she includes one or two English tracks in her future albums, or even release an English album soon.

Favourites: “Projectile”, “Who”, “If You See Him”, “Wheel of Fortune”, “Only Love”

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