Finally, a break!

I am extremely glad my paper for the special term has ended today! I can finally enjoy what is left of the holidays, for the next 1.5 weeks that is. It really has been a non-stop activity-packed 1st half of the year, and I am really delighted to finally have time to stone and really do nothing. Well not really… I am planning to take the ABRSM Grade 7 Exams for piano next year, hopefully, and of course I need to start practising before term starts, again… Anyway, there seems to be a new syllabus for the examinations, from what I read from the International Piano Magazine that is.

I really love my piano, althought it’s only less than 1 year old! Got it last year for my 21st Birthday! A Kawai RX-1! Of course it would have been better if it were a Steinway, but I guess a baby grand of any brand would already be a bonus for me because of my proficiency…

Ok, I shall have another goal for myself, to obtain at least a Grade 8 before I finish my undergraduate studies!

Oh yes… I didn’t manage to secure a scholarship. Guess scholarships are really that difficult to get… Sighz…

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