Review: Good Girl Gone Bad Live

Well, I had high hopes for this DVD, since it’s Rihanna’s first tour release on DVD.

On the songs, the show started with her first hit ever, Pon de Replay, which I think was apt since it was a song that introduced her to the world.  Next came a song Break It Of” which I don’t know because I only bought her latest album, which is Good Girl Gone Bad. Then after a few more songs came Rehab and Breakin’ Dishes, both songs that I really like from her album, and Rihanna delivered then very well.

She did a cover of Bob Marley’s song “Is This Love” which isn’t really what I like, but it was ok.  SOS was hot! The arrangement was given a different treatment, making it rather cabaret-ish, which was great! Next was Good Girl Gone Bad, one of my favourite songs from her album, and again, she did her thing. Hate That I Love You followed, and after that was Unfaithful. After Sell Me Candy, she worked the crowd again with songs like Don’t Stop the Music, Shut Up and Drive. Just before launching into Umbrella, her mega-hit, she sang Question Existing, which was very heartfelt. And Umbrella just brought the house down!

Overall I think the setlist was not bad, but there could be more done to the choreography. And I think black isn’t really a good colour on stage, so next time she might consider more fanciful stuff?  I can’t wait for her to tour Asia. Not quite a Beyonce yet in terms of experience and skills, but I think she will be a great entertainer in the near future!

3.5 out of 5

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