Latest Updates on A*Mei!

A*Mei just completed her first performance in a Japanese Musical “Turandot” yesterday in Tokyo, and heard it was very successful!! I want to fly to Japan to watch her too, if I am not having examinations at his point of time. Anyway, below are some pictures of her in the musical. And she looks stunningly beautiful!

 124.jpg   news_1009_b.jpg      12804361852703200809064xw2.jpg

Visit this website for more information on the musical:

In addition, there is news there she may hold concerts in Japan after the end of the musical. And her “Star World Tour” Concert DVD will be released on Blu-ray DVD in May. So looking forward to it!! Also, she is supposedly remaining in EMI Music Taiwan, as opposed to rumours saying that she might return to Warner Music. However, there is also news that EMI is scrapping its Asia branches. Not sure how true it is, but we shall see.

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