Leona Lewis: Spirit

Leona Lewis

It’s been quite some time since I heard an amazing voice, and I have to say Leona Lewis’ voice really blew me away. I have never watched “X-Factor” but somehow I got to know of her voice and name, through my friend. I would say her delivery is somewhat like Whitney Houston’s and Celine Dion’s, just that she has a Mariah Carey-like voice. At times, she sounds like Kelly Clarkson too. God knows where she has been all this while.

Her debut album, “Spirit” (the first album I bought this year!), is a collection of ballads, with only some mid-tempo songs. The former is probably what she does best, and the whole album is full of them. Her first single “Bleeding Love” is a great song, with great beats, and somewhat catchy too. A great song to introduce her to the world!

For a new artist, it’s amazing how sensitive she is towards the lyrics she sings, and to deliver songs without overloading them with emotions is trully stunning. And it helps to have a voice with great clarity too. My favourite tracks have to be “Here I Am”, “Bleeding Love”, “Whatever It Takes” and “Footprints in the Sand”. I can’t wait to hear what she has to offer in time to come!

Rating: 4 / 5

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